Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spanker exclusive scoop - Oops I Flashed You Again

You won’t find this tit (pun intended) bit in the newspapers. It’s taken DBKL's highly moral and deeply religious enforcement unit 2 years of wanking off to these images, before deciding to impose a fine of RM10,000 on Pussycat Dolls promoters Absolute Entertainment for allowing the act to perform "sexually suggestive" routines during their concert here.

During the routine, Carmit Bachar, who has since left the group, exposed a breast while Ashley Roberts.wore very tiny shorts and flashed her pussy lips during a vigorous movement.

go on then. you know you wanna click on the picture and see it large, right?

The fine followed a complaint from then minister of culture Rais Yatim, who said the group’s concert featured “scantily dressed performers” and “sensuous elements”. He added: “I believe the way the Pussycat Dolls behaved on stage amounted to gross indecency,”

Last year, Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé Knowles were forced to dramatically alter their dance routines and cover up during their concerts here.

In case you don't own a television or a computer and don't understand what this Google thing is all about, The Pussycat Dolls are a girl group that preach a message of female empowerment by dressing in as little clothes as possible and sing about stealing other women's guys.

Pussycat Dolls are an American pop/R&B quintet, dance and burlesque ensemble founded by choreographer Robin Antin in 1995. They began as a dance troupe based in Los Angeles, were re-cast as a music group in 2003, and expanded in 2005 with a parallel troupe at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The group released their first single in 2004, and have gone on to tremendous international success.


Anonymous said...

Hi babe..

FYI.. Beyonce didn't make it to KL at all actually.. apparently she didn't want to compromise on her routine & wardrobe so she declined to come.

Anyway, hope you're doin well & still kicking.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Dave. Made my evening. A bit of testosterone never did anyone any harm


Dave Avran said...

thanks for the correction, April dear. Much appreciated.

rkaru said...

Heh... a bit of 'wardrobe malfunction' eh? Except, they did not malfunction. They did what were expected of them :-).

ps. we met at Rasvina on Monday morning. See, told you I didn't need to write down your blog url.

Dave Avran said...

what can i say, karu? you da man!