Monday, April 27, 2009

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Fair Weather Friends

One happy result of the current economic downturn is the fact that there are many “reunions” of so-called good friends.

In the last week alone, I have personally received no less than five (5) instances of “friends” crawling out of the woodwork after disappearing for so long and contacting me.

The conversation usually goes like this “Hi Dave, how are you? I am looking for a job and would really appreciate your help”

Hmmmm. *Sniff*Sniff* Something smells rather fishy…


You’ve read the many sms-es and the emails. You’ve seen that youtube video of the couple in Cheras who got robbed right in their own porch. If you need any further proof that we are living in an increasingly violent and inhuman world, read the article reproduced below from yesterday’s Star newspaper.

I for one am thoroughly disgusted by these animals’ behavior. To senselessly attack an 80 year old is bad enough. To slash him on the head AFTER he handed over his valuables is just plain evil. However what left me completely speechless was the fact that not one but TWO private clinics refused to treat him.

Read on and shake your head in wonderment about the state of the world today.

The Star, Sunday April 26, 2009

80-year-old man slashed by robbers on bikes

By Meera Vijayan

Johor Baru: An 80-year-old grandfather was brutally slashed by robbers on motorcycles even after he handed over his cash and a Seiko watch to them. A bleeding Ang Siow Kee staggered back home to his family who rushed him to the hospital where he was admitted for three days.

The octogenarian required 23 stitches for two slash wounds to his scalp caused by the parang attack at about 5.15am on April 22. He was on his way to the bus stop to go to town to meet his friends, just as he had done two to three times a week for the past 20 years.

Senseless attack: Soon showing Siow Kee’s injuries during a press conference at the victim’s home in Taman Sentosa, Johor Baru.

Siow Kee said he was a few metres away from his house along Jalan Kasa 7 in Taman Sentosa when two men set upon him, holding a parang and demanding money. Terrified, he quickly handed over his wallet containing RM200 and his watch.

Still, the robbers slashed him three times and sped off, leaving him bathed in blood. His son, hawker Ang Ah Hiang, 48, said he had a terrible shock on seeing his father coming home with blood streaming down his face and body.

“Blood was all over the road and in the house. We rushed him to two nearby clinics, both of which refused to treat him because of the severity of his injury.” He said his father finally received treatment at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

They were speaking at a press conference at their home organised by Johor Baru City Councillor Rodney Soon. Soon urged the police to start operations at the police beat base along Jalan Songket 2, which was completed six months ago. He added that he would assist the family to make a police report in the next few days.

To carb or not to carb?

We’ve all heard the argument that Carbohydrates (carbs) are bad for us and the counter argument that our body needs carbs to provide sufficient nutrition for our daily needs.

However, this restaurant that we visited for dinner recently put a whole new twist to the argument by inventing a totally new type of “carb” – homosexual in nature (pondan in local Bahasa Malaysia).

Read the pictures and weep…

Vandal or Teacher?

This post is specifically for all you parents out there. Nowadays you find illegal banners, posters and stickers offering a myriad of services, particularly for financial loans from your friendly neighborhood Ah Long.
I must thank my younger brother Johan Nasir for teaching me the photoshop technique for circling objects like in the fine example above. Thanks, bro :-)

My question to you is this – would you pay good money to send your child for tuition classes to a teacher who vandalizes and defaces public property? What would he/she be teaching your child? Since the illegal stickers are also looking to recruit “tuition teachers”, what quality would these “teachers” be? Literally off the street and desperate, right? Would you really pay for them to teach your child?
click to enlarge
Who’s not using their brains here?

The Dying Art of Tok Tok Candy

images by Veronica Ng

Came across this old chap selling the now very rarely found “tok tok” candy of my childhood

(shut up with the old man jokes already) and decided to buy a packet at RM5 and take some photos for posterity.

Needless to say the old fella was mighty pleased with our amateur photography attempts and

happily hammed it up for the camera.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Phil Spector guilty of murder

Legendary US music producer Phil Spector was found guilty on Monday 13 April 2009 of second degree murder in the shooting death of an actress at his mansion in Los Angeles six years ago.

Spector, 69, who created the famed "Wall of Sound" recording technique during the 1960s when he worked with some of the biggest names in music, stared glumly as the verdict was read out.
The diminutive producer, who had arrived at court in Los Angeles to hear the verdict in a trademark long jacket bearing a lapel badge reading "Barack Obama Rocks!" could face up to 18 years in prison when he is sentenced on May 29.

Despite protests from defense attorneys, Judge Larry Paul Fidler remanded Spector in custody until his sentencing hearing, stating that "public safety and public protection are paramount."

The six-man, six-woman jury began deliberating on March 26 after a five-month court case following his first trial in 2007 that ended deadlocked with jurors unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Prosecutors said Spector had shot dead former B-movie actress Lana Clarkson at his home in the early hours of February 3, 2003 after meeting her only a few hours before at the Hollywood nightclub where she worked.
Defense lawyers said the 40-year-old Clarkson, best known for her role in Roger Corman's 1985 cult classic "The Barbarian Queen" but whose career had stalled at the time of her death, killed herself.

Spector is regarded as one of the most influential figures in pop music history. In the early 1960s, he scored hits including "Da Doo Ron Ron," "Be My Baby, Baby" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin.'"

But during his trials, prosecutors said Spector, who was famed for his work with The Beatles, Tina Turner, The Righteous Brothers, The Ronettes and The Ramones, had a sinister side.

Prosecutor Alan Jackson painted a picture of Spector as a gun-crazed eccentric with a "history of violence" toward women who tried to leave him.

Five female acquaintances testified that Spector had threatened them at gunpoint in incidents dating back to the 1970s.

In his closing argument last month, Jackson said Spector had repeatedly pulled guns on women who wouldn't go to bed with him.

"A woman, alcohol, a loss of control, and Phillip Spector reaches for a gun. Click," the prosecutor told jurors repeatedly, displaying photos one-by-one of the five women who testified against him.

"February 3rd, 2003, Lana Clarkson -- a woman, alcohol, a loss of control -- and Phillip reaches for a gun. Pow! Lana Clarkson got the bullet. It's as simple as that," Jackson said.

Spector's former chauffeur also gave damaging evidence, telling jurors that on the night of the shooting, his employer had emerged from a doorway clutching a pistol in a bloodied hand, saying: "I think I killed somebody."

Only weeks before Clarkson's killing, Spector gave a rare interview in which he described himself as "relatively insane."

Defense lawyers however argued there was no forensic evidence to convict Spector, pointing to the absence of gunshot residue on his hands and clothing.

Mr Gambus Meets Mr Flamenco

Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 9:30pm
Backyard Pub, Sri Hartamas
Phone: 0362010318

'Mr Flamenco' Peter Dickson is known as the fastest fingers in Australia. Plays gypsy style flamenco music. Our very own Farid Ali also known as Mr Gambus has taken the oud to another level, fusing its ethnic sound to various genres.

The duo met in 2005 at the backyard pub.
They are meeting again after many years and albums later. Backed by an all star Malaysian Band, namely Steve Jordan on drums, Rozhan on bass, who happens to be down from Berklee with his wife who will handle the ivorys and Farid himself.

For more info on Peter surf to

Bunnies on Harleys

It’s Easter and a young man’s thoughts naturally turn to chocolate, colored eggs and bunnies right? I mean what could be better than cute cuddly fluffy bunnies? Well, the creative folks over at PJ Hilton have a pretty good answer for that question.

Look out for their “Bunnies on Harley@ Chilli’s Mansion” theme party this 25 April. Hot sexy bunnies on Harley bikes, pole-dancing bunnies, Live band Hyperzone, Ivory Smith direct from Las Vegas and Trio-DJs.

Party on like there is no tomorrow…

Date: 25 April (Saturday)

Time: Door opens at 10pm

Price: RM30nett inclusive of first drink (ladies walk-in for free)

Original Soundtrack Album for ‘Talentime’

Just got a heads up from Pete Teo. The soundtrack album for ‘Talentime’ is out in stores now. Yasmin Ahmad’s latest offering, Talentime, features new faces, original songs by Pete and dance sequences.

Talentime, is Yasmin’s sixth offering and is a joint-venture between Primeworks Studio and Chilli Peppers, Talentime is a simple tale about a school talent competition. It explores growing up and the challenges the students have to face.
Pete wrote and produced most of the songs sung by artists Atilia and Aizat.

The album includes Malay versions of all the principal songs in the film. You can buy it as a CD or download individual songs in digital format.
Compact Discs of the ‘Talentime’ soundtrack album are available in all good music stores in Malaysia. It retails for about RM27.00.

Digital online sale of the above tracks are available on all major Malaysia music download portals. Please search ‘Talentime OST’ in your music portal’s search engine or Google. You can also buy the FULL SONGS [FS], TRUE TONE [TT] and RINGTONES [CRT & RBT] directly from your mobile telco.

More info on Pete’s website

The Music Detective

A fellow journalist tipped me off to this new blog on the local music scene so I duly scoped it out. I must say I was rather taken with the blog as it is written from the perspective of one who has intimate knowledge of the live music circuit. I rather like the bits where he narrates the history of some musicians and clubs of days gone by.

I figured The Music Detective must be an old timer in the live music industry (like me) to write so knowledgably so I text messaged the suspect and asked him if it was indeed his blog. The slippery bugger would neither confirm nor deny it, so I’ll do the correct thing and respect his right to privacy and admit that I'm no detective.

The Music Detective is a good read for anyone who loves local music. Click on the link in my blogroll on the right under the “Music” category


With a record number of more than 22,000 revelers attending last year’s Rainforest World Music Festival, this year’s festival continues to have the same magical attraction.

The Sarawak Tourism Board has already enlisted bands from USA, Portugal, Tanzania, New Zealand, Poland, France and Korea to perform at the 12th edition of the festival which will be staged at the picturesque Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching, Sarawak, from July 10 to 12, 2009. There will also be Malaysian bands performing to add musical variety to the festival.

More info here