Monday, September 13, 2010

Dave's Nominees for the Grand Malaysian Most Embarrassing Lawyer Awards 2010.

Wow. 2 Lawyer brothers accused of murdering Datuk Sosilawati and 3 others. Lawyers in the Johor Bar Committee tussling to oust the current Chairman via an EGM. Malaysian Lawyer Penny Wong elected as the Finance Minister of Australia (talk about brain drain) MACC Lawyer Humiliates self while questioning Dr Porntip In Court.

Case number 1: KILLER LAWYERS

Police believe the 41-year-old lawyer was the mastermind behind the disappearances and could have been involved in four other missing persons cases, Comm Bakri told reporters at the Banting police headquarters yesterday.

Case number 2: Johor Bar in EGM Row

JOHOR BARU: Trouble is brewing in the Johor Bar Committee as an extraordinary general meeting has been called to pass a no-con­fidence motion against the chairman.

The move to oust P. Suppiah is scheduled to be discussed during the EGM set to be held this Wed­nesday.

However, the motion – to approve a call for a no-confidence vote against the chairman and calling for his resignation by two lawyers – is being “blocked” from being discussed openly at the EGM.

At least 54 lawyers in Johor petitioned for the EGM to be held.

Case number 3: Penny On The Money

KOTA KINABALU: A quiet sense of pride and confidence was what retired Sabah architect Francis Wong Yit Shing felt when his daughter called from Australia a few days ago to tell him about her “new job”.

The job in question was as Australia’s Finance Minister that went to Kota Kinabalu-born Penny Wong, who was previously Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water Minister.

“Every father would be proud of his children’s achievements,” Wong told The Star yesterday.

“It is no different for me. To me, this is yet another example of Sabah Boleh.”

“Penny is a fast learner,” he added.He recalled how Penny went to Brazil as a foreign exchange student when she was a teenager and stayed with a family in Rio De Janeiro for about a year. During that period, she learnt to speak Portuguese and Spanish.

“She has a knack of learning things quickly when she sets her mind to it,” added Wong, who also teaches budding architects here.

Penny was born in Kota Kinabalu on Nov 11, 1968, and read law in Australia and eventually practised in Adelaide, where she represented unions and workers as an industrial court lawyer.

She was known for her oratory skills and successes in court and was elected the Labour Party’s Senator for South Australia in 2001.

Following Kevin Rudd’s victory as Prime Minister in 2001, Penny was named Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water Minister, the only such portfolio in the world at that time.

Mixed feelings on this one. Proud that she’s a Malaysian but sad at the brain drain that she could not contribute her talents to her country of birth.

Case number 4: MACC Lawyer Humiliates Self In Court

A disgrace to lawyers. Deplorable level of spoken English. Akward disorganisation. Disbelief when he questioned Porntip's qualifications and university recognition. Rolled on floor laughing when he asked the most foolish of questions. Cheeks red in embarrassment that Malaysia has such a lawyer calling himself a senior Deputy Public Prosecutor and a Datuk to boot.

That's it. The 4 nominees here are selected to receive the Grand Malaysian Lawyer Embarrassment Awards 2010. And the winner by consensus is......Case number 4!

*Strangling myself to death now*

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wasted Brains

picture lifted from the Star Online

This Neanderthal caveman is not the brightest crayon in the box. For one, we are a civilized society with legal recourse to solve our differences. Secondly, this doofus is a Muslim and its currently the month of Ramadhan which promotes patience, goodwill and forgiveness, amongst other positive values. on the link below to read how brains are wasted on some morons.