Friday, August 19, 2011

What Transpired AT DUMC on 3rd Aug?

Today’s post is written after watching a video of the proceedings at DUMC on 3rd Aug 2011. The video was obtained from and is an edited version, therefore I feel the need to add in the following disclaimer – I almost always never trust bloggers who whack away anonymously as I believe in putting my name responsibily on what I write, and secondly the video is edited, probably to shorten its length and highlight the salient points but for me the editing also raises possible doubts about presenting things out of context.

Having said that, watching it is still worrying for me as a Christian. Why?  Because church leaders and opposition politicians have decried the raid by Jais, saying it was heavy-handed and that the enforcement  personnel had not produced any search warrant. They also say there was no proof that proselytism was actually taking place.

I’ve said it before in an earlier post - Jais had acted within the provisions of the Constitution and state enactments. The check on DUMC was clearly based on a complaint that Jais, as an agency tasked to take such action, had to investigate.

The authorities have denied that a raid had been conducted at DUMC, preferring instead to claim that they had merely inspected the premises after receiving complaints that Muslims were attending the function, and even that after an hour’s negotiation with the organizer.

Selangor’s Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment, which outlines offenses deemed as acts of proselytism by non-Muslims towards Muslims, grants the religious authorities powers to launch investigations and arrest individuals without producing a warrant.

The main organizer, Nadeane@Sophia bt Mohd Salleh MyKad 790317-01-6094 (alleged in the blog to be a Muslim who has converted to Christianity) had negotiated protractedly with the team leader of the operation before allowing them in, which begs this question – if they had nothing to hide, why make matters worse by delaying? Righteous Christians should Invite them right in to look around and satisfy themselves that everything’s above board.

At 0.38 in the video, the guy on stage talking about being raised as a disciplined Muslim reading the Qur'an and saying Doa etc certainly sounds like he’s giving testimony after converting. The authorities had found materials to prove there was non-Islamic preaching, such as the singing of songs titled Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar in the program, 3 Muslims attempting to flee through the backdoor and quiz questions on Islam and its meaning from a Christian slanted viewpoint, although there were attempts to get rid of the evidence.

The blog also points out that the doors to Hall 3 were decorated with bunga manggar and diners were wearing baju melayu and baju kurung/kebaya, but the Spanker does not see anything sinister in the spirit of muhibbah.

For me, just based on the alleged Muslim guy giving testimony at 0.38 alone, all those involved can be charged under Section 10 of the Syariah Criminal Enactment 1995.

Further, section 9 of the Syariah Criminal Procedure Enactment (Selangor) 2003 also stipulates that any individual who knows of an act or intention of any persons to commit any offense must immediately provide such information to the religious authorities or the police.

Hence, what Jais did at DUMC was within their powers. They had acted lawfully during the visit which was based on an enactment passed by the government in 1988 that allows it to act against non-Muslims believed to have knowledge about proselyting. Furthermore as evidenced by the video, the officers were mostly patient and courteous in a difficult and sensitive situation.

The Spanker really prays that politicians will stop issuing reckless statements on the issue as an opportunity to garner support. Jais should be allowed to carry out its duties. Should DUMC have behaved inappropriately and there be any charges filed later, Jais will have to bear the burden of proof in court. If not, let’s begin the process of asking for forgiveness and putting this sorry state of affairs behind us and move on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Money Money Money, Must Be Funny, In A Rich Man's World....


No prizes for guessing what was going through my head while watching this.
I had caught #tansriteh trending on twitter and being the curious cat that
I am I had to go and check it out.

I guess when you have mucho moolah you can buy anything and anyone to pander to
your over sized ego. Heck, you even get to wave at the villagers like the bloody
Queen of England.

What must have been running through the heads of those who took part in this tribute to excess?

Pretty much what ran through my head, I guess. OMFG OMFG OMFG

Its Time To Listen To The Bloggers Now, Tsu Koon

Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, it's time to listen to the bloggers now. 

Please stop being stubborn like Samy Vellu. It's downright embarrassing.

Pack up and go with dignity lah.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malaysian Christians Have Nothing To Fear

The news of the raid on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church last Wednesday made headlines and once again, we were back to square one – politicians from both sides of the divide accusing each others parties for Jais’ apparent raid, while a fear of “religious persecution” once again rears its ugly head.

Christian friends felt that the police were about to “arrest” and persecute the diners for their faith. Text messages were flying fast and furious, each with a more exaggerated account of the incident, advising people to stay indoors, stockpile food, etc.

The police were once again accused of “high-handedness” for turning up and ensuring that things don’t get out of hand. Subsequently, the police and Home Ministry officials were found to be polite and forthright in their explanations, and keen to engage Malaysians to help explain matters in perspective.

As tolerant Malaysians, we must realise several important truths with regards to the Damansara Utama Methodist Church incident. There is no law - Syariah or secular - forbidding Muslims from attending 
                                               events, including dinners, in churches.

As the Islamic affairs enforcement body, Jais had every right to investigate public complaints that Muslims were breaking fast inside a church, which had obviously raised the suspicions of the complainant.

Jais however, should have used restraint and followed the proper procedure in showing respect for a hallowed religious ground.

The police in turn were there to ensure that matters did not get out of hand. They were not there to “persecute” anyone.

Christians should take comfort and confidence that freedom of practicing their religion is guaranteed in the Malaysian constitution and that there is no need for fear of persecution. The right of freedom of religion is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Malaysian Constitution.

The provision over the right to freedom of religion is seen as one of the most crucial provisions ever stated in the Federal Constitution. Article 11(1) has never been amended. Indeed, provision in Article 3(1) reiterates the right of individuals, especially the non-Muslims to profess and practice their religion freely, without any fear and interference.

I am a Christian and nobody has prevented me from worshiping or saying my prayers. 

Its also good to remind ourselves that proselytizing to Muslims by members of other religions is prohibited by law, and can lead to jail sentences and strokes of the rotan. Most Christian and other religious groups in Malaysia put a standard disclaimer on literature and advertisements stating "For non-Muslims only.

Politicians meanwhile should put an immediate stop to the disgusting trend of politicising every single thing to further promote their particular agenda. The rakyat have had quite enough of your dramas and sandiwaras, thank you.
The rakyat themselves should refrain from adding fuel to the fire by exaggerating details via social media and the blogosphere which is not going to do anybody any good.
It would be good for all sides to take stock of the situation, step back and carefully examine the events that transpired on the night of Aug 3 in the proper perspective.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

JAIS Raids Church Muhhibbah Dinner

The raid by Jais on a church muhibbah dinner is a new low as far as politicking goes in Malaysia.
The rakyat are getting sick and tired of every single thing being turned into ammunition
by politicians.

Syabas to the Selangor government. Keep this arrogance and highhandedness up and you'll have a riot on your hands before you can say "Amen".

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8Tv Ramadhan Advertisements Withdrawn

Update 5 Aug 2011

8TV's smarty pants apology didn't go down well at all with the Malaysian public. Guess they're learning the hard way about the power of social media. Spank this monkey for details

The Spanker believes the 8TV Ramadhan ads weren't intended to be racist. However they were ill conceived and insensitive, and never should have passed QC. Still, I have to give credit to Media Prima for yanking it.

I also have to give credit to all Malaysians irrespective of race or religion who were united in calling for the axing of the ads as inappropriate and in bad taste.

8TV's Ramadan public service announcements (PSA) sparked outrage among the online community for its allegedly racist content, with tweets flying fast and furious.

The three ads were widely circulated in social networking sites by users who said the announcements left a bad taste in the mouth.

An hour after sending out a tweet telling people to chill and not over-analyse the ads, Media Prima Berhad chief operating officer Ahmad Izham Omar sent out another tweet saying the station was withdrawing the PSA.

“Ok guys. We're pulling out the ads. Thank you very much for your concern,” he said.

Among the  online complaints were that the ads were insulting to both non-Muslims and Muslims.

“Not only are they in bad taste, they trivialise the significance of Ramadan,” one tweet said.

All three ads, which run for 30 seconds each, show the same Ugly Betty lookalike Chinese girl acting “inappropriately”, in three different scenarios at a Ramadan bazaar.

The first PSA shows the girl shouting at one stall owner and tapping another on the shoulder while asking for a discount.

The second PSA shows the same girl eating greedily in front of the stall, with Muslim customers watching her.

The third PSA shows the girl wearing a sleeveless blouse, with her shoulders and arm-pits pixelated.

All three scenes are then followed by messages urging viewers to not be loud and obnoxious; not be greedy nor eat in public; and not to wear revealing clothes.

The girl then acts “appropriately” in the following scenes.

All three ads end with 8TV presenters telling its viewers not to get carried away and understand the significance of Ramadan, before wishing them Selamat Berpuasa.

One facebook user Azrul Mohd Khalib also condemned the advertisements and said that fasting during Ramadan was about discipline, empathy and solidarity. “It is not about imposing your will on others,” he said.

On its Facebook fanpage, 8TV apologised for any uneasiness caused.

If you’re experiencing deja vu, its because Media Prima also attracted flak from Muslims last year for airing a Hari Raya commercial with alleged Christmas overtones on TV3, another channel in its stable.

Like 8TV’s Ramadan commercials, the Hari Raya advertisement was taken off the air after it stirred a storm of protests online.

Prior to that, 8TV was fined RM50,000 by the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for airing an advertisement by Danish beermaker Carlsberg during the Euro 2004 championships.