Friday, September 30, 2011

Beam Me Down, Kwongy!

As I'm writing this post at 1:30am, the twitterverse is working overtime on the trending hashtag #KohAppearsFromNowhere as tweeps rush to contribute their versions of how Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon magically appeared beside the PM on Sept 25 in a vernacular newspaper as Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak joined about 5,000 schoolchildren in cycling seven kilometres in the "1Malaysia Charity Ride for Education 2011" in Penang.

The programme, organised by Kwong Wah Yit Poh daily, also saw the participation of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Penang Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen and Kwong Wah Yit Poh chairman Datuk Ong Gim Huat and Penang state executive councillors.

The PM had praised the programme as a positive endeavour to collect RM15 million in funds to develop 15 Chinese secondary schools, five of them private.

While some of the #KohAppearsFromNowhere tweets are actually quite hilarious, and look set to outdo the recent #tansriteh circus,   there is a serious matter underlying the issue – that of intentionally misleading the public.
The Spanker has long been calling for Koh to resign and maintain his dignity, as per sample here 
This time, the Spanker not only demands that Koh resign for his pathetic attempts to boost his flagging career by attempting to appear to associate with the PM, but also for heads to roll at Kwong Wah Yit Poh as well for failing to practise responsible journalism and attempting to mislead the public.

The only thing Dr Koh, who is Penang Barisan Nasional chairman, did at the cycling event was to get  involved in a minor accident at Pantai Molek as he was unable to brake in time to avert knocking into two youngsters who had collided into each other in front of him, causing himself to limp slightly because of pain in the left knee.

I’m betting he’ll be more than limping when he reads the morning newspapers in a couple of hours if he doesn’t do the right thing.

Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

Agensi Inovasi Malaysia is a statutory body set up by the Government via AIM Act 2010, with the primary purpose of being the driving force behind Malaysia’s push towards establishing an “innovation economy” and the country’s aspirations of achieving a high-income nation status.

AIM has two clear objectives that provide the foundation for the innovation blueprint: to bring about holistic societal well-being through the cultivation of the innovation eco-system, and to drive the national innovation agenda to generate new-wave wealth.

These two goals can be achieved by using the Quadruple Helix approach, where four parties namely Government, Rakyat, Academia and Industry work in synergy to encourage the culture of innovation amongst the population, and to ensure ideas are taken through from Creation to Commercialisation.

Improving the well-being of the Rakyat is at the heart of “Innovating Malaysia” and the central goal of Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak’s administration.

AIM will serve Malaysian citizens through efforts to increase Malaysia’s GDP and level of economic development. One of their approaches involves the building of “platforms,” or ICT sites and services that will help connect people, funders, and businesses. Currently, AIM has set up an investment vehicle that is designed to identify potential products, services or existing businesses that exhibit promise. They call this platform the “Wealth Creation Factory.”

The Spanker recently had dinner with AIM’s top executives and the conversation naturally turned to their objectives and achievements. While Malaysians have made admirable progress over the years, AIM is pushing for a paradigm shift to get Malaysia innovating and its citizens making money.

The Spanker has no objections to making money and will let AIM’s CEO Datuk Dr Kamal Jit Singh elaborate in this video

for further details on AIM

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#Yorais Does It Again. He Should Just Resign.

Update 30th Sept

A well placed little birdie told me #Yorais got fcuked by the PM as the gomen is keen for transformation but sticks in the mud with fixed mindsets like him are the biggest obstacles to positive change. Coincidentally, read the post above on the biggest obstacle for Agency Inovasi Malaysia, who's biggest obstacle to positive change is...drumroll please...gomen sticks in the mud with fixed mindsets like#Yorais!

#Yorais said the video clip "Undilah" was not suitable for broadcast because it had contents which offended certain segments of society.

"The video clip also contains subliminal messages aimed at influencing the audience," he told reporters after opening an arts appreciation programme in Pasir Salak yesterday.

To read his statement in Bernama
He had earlier said the withdrawal of the clip fom the air waves earlier was because it had not received approval from the Film Censorship Board (LPF).

Check out the video here to see if you can spot any offensive bits

So does the Spanker owe #Yorais an apology for the original post below ?
Nah. The senile bugger should just resign. Bugger off. Peerah. Podah. Vamos. Get Lost. Go Jump in a Lake. Piss Off. Ride into the sunset. You think he got the message?


Update 25th Sept

Did the industry source quoted by the Spanker below spin a lie about the MCMC pulling Pete Teo's PSA for including opposition figures?

This blog says so. The Spanker will get to the bottom of this and update you soon. Will the Spanker have to publicly apologise to #yorais? Watch this space.


On Sept 16, the trigger happy seriel lawsuit filer Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim was tripping over himself praising PM Najib’s Malaysia Day announcement for greater democracy.

Spank this monkey to read his gushing statements in Bernama. 

 A couple of days later, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) directs local broadcasters not to use the public service announcement (PSA) produced by musician Pete Teo just days after its launch, also on Malaysia Day Sept 16.

“MCMC emailed both Astro and Media Prima Bhd about the issue, telling them the video clip should not be aired because Tengku Razaleigh speaks about the country having problems and also because it features opposition leaders,” an industry source revealed.

For the Spanker, this brainless act of #yorais effectively undermines what the Prime Minister had said in his Malaysia Day address that the reforms were necessary as the public has matured and should be given more freedom.

For those of you from another planet, the public service video is produced by the multi-talented multi-tasking popular indie singer/songwriter/actor/producer Pete Teo and features more than 160 people – from actors, businessmen, politicians, musicians and even the production crew – lent their talents and time pro bono.

The Spanker spotted Afdlin Shauki, controversy magnet Namewee, Yasmin Yusuff, Sasi The Don, Chelsia Ng, Daphne Iking, Tony Fernandes, Jason Lo, Karamjit Singh, Lai Meng, Rina Omar, Reshmonu, Sazzy Falak and Wardina.

Apart from Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh, the video also features other Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders such as Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong (the only stiff in a suit!) and Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abd Rashid Shirlin.

Opposition figures include Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad and Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

The Spanker’s take? All #yorais has succeded in doing is undermine the PM’s initiative and proven yet again that besides suing the bloggers that he’s supposed to be looking after, he’s just given free publicity to Undilah and pushed it to greater viewership. The senile bugger should just resign.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So who said history is written by the winners?

Malaysia’s founding fathers would have been heartbroken if they had lived to see the new liberal Malaysia where anything is possible. All of us have worked very hard to build a nation where we live in peace and harmony and respect each others' culture.
Of course, there must be a villain and his goons in any scenario. Cue in cheesy Bollywood music here.Both sides of the divide are rewriting history to suit their own agendas. Spank this monkey for one view 
and this little green fella below for the other.

Then you have this other imbecile who has so much time on his hands that he hallucinates he can change the nation’s flag, the Jalur Gemilang. After being roundly lambasted by the public, he removes the offending post and puts up a dubious apology IF he unintentionally offended anyone. Oi! Tak pegi sekolah kah?

The DAP was quick to distance itself from this moron’s antics, and today announced that they will investigate the incident, but in the same breadth announced that it will take into consideration the fact that the said imbecile has duly removed the offending post and apologized, which reads between the lines as “we will scold him a bit lah, ok? You satisfied now?” Spank this monkey for details. 

Another fine example of human greed laced with incredible stupidity would have to be the three MACC officers from Putrajaya (an assistant commissioner and two superintendants, no less) arrested last week for allegedly robbing a group of moneychangers of almost RM1 million in US currency at the KL International Airport.  

The MACC has already been under heavy artillery fire by the opposition for the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani, and for not swinging into action on Taib Mahmud, PKFZ etc quickly enough for them. In this respect the opposition has been spectaculary successful in tarnishing the MACC’s reputation in the eyes of the ordinary Malaysian.

The MACC will have to act swiftly and decisively against these three who betrayed its trust and their oath of office to uphold the law if it is to attempt any form of damage control to an already battered and bruised image.  

Spank this...what the know the drill by now, right?

So who said history is written by the winners? Losers like Mat Sabu-tage, Mano Moron and the three greedy MACC officers have loudly proclaimed Malaysia Boleh! by proving to the whole world that not only is living without a brain possible, but that a brain is not a pre-requisite to become a political leader or a lawman.

Malaysia’s unique heritage of all races living in peace and harmony does not stop unscrupulous people from exploiting any and all issues for their own personal agenda. Don’t dismiss it as just politics. The motivation here is personal financial gain and power. Make no mistake despite what Sabu-tage and Mano Moron profess to stand for.   

You know what’s scary? Both imbeciles have supporters. Are we destined to become a nation of zombies and retards if they have their way? The Spanker would like to think that Malaysians are matured enough to know better.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MCA / DAP Land Premium Issue Spills Over Into War

It looks like the land premium issue which has been simmering all this while has erupted into a full scale war with the Selangor MCA challenging the state government to waive land premiums in the state if it is sincere in helping the people.

Selangor MCA public complaints bureau chief Datuk Theng Book, obviously in full scale battle mode, said if the state government was sincere, they should exempt the premium.

“The state government is misleading the people. In my opinion as a lawyer, the land titles given are considered illegal as the premiums were not paid in full by house owners.

“Section 76 (c) of the National Land Code states that the premium must be paid in full before land titles can be awarded to owners unless it is waived by the state authorities,” he said here yesterday.

“The Selangor government should not throw the Code into the dustbin”, he added, not mincing his words.

On June 1, Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had said owners would be given two options to pay their premiums following the expiry of the 66 or 99-year lease period.

Under the first option, they would be allowed to renew the lease by paying the full premium at a 30% discount.

The other option was to apply for the renewal of the lease at only RM1,000 and pay the premium only when the property was sold.

Theng said having a land title should mean that the house owners have the right to sell or transfer their titles as they like. But this was not the case.

“Those who paid RM1,000 would not be able to sell their land. They can only transfer the ownership to their next-of-kin after they pay the full premium.

“It is like owning a car you cannot drive,” he added.

Theng said when the owner wanted to sell their property later, they would need to pay the premium at the full market price.

“The price would be much higher compared with 50 sen per square foot for a 60-year lease, and RM2.50 per square foot for a 99-year lease that was implemented when the Barisan Nasional ruled the state.

“Now, the land premium for houses can be as high as RM25 per square foot according to the market rate.

“DAP has not fully explained the consequences if owners choose the RM1,000 option including the total costs,” he added. Watch this video from the Star’s switchup tv for his take on this hot issue.

He even names the DAP exco and singles out Ronnie Liu and Ou Yang in particular as going around and misleading the rakyat on this issue, and claims that where landowners would have had to pay RM5k premium previously under BN, they could end up paying 100k now under the opposition.

Worth the watch, says the Spanker. The video above lah, not the "missing" Omega. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Its Time For Change!

Najib’s Malaysia Day address outlining civil liberty and democratic reforms sent shock waves among political circles and is still reverberating in the minds of many people. He had announced that the Internal Security Act would be replaced by two new laws to safeguard peace and order, lifting the emergency proclamations and ending the Restricted Residence and Banishment Acts.

He also announced something close to the hearts of the media community – the Printing Presses and Publications Act would be amended. The annual licence renewal requirement for newspapers and publications would be replaced with a one-off permit. This is something which media groups have been petitioning for for decades and it was a biggie as far as the media was concerned.

Najib has made good on the commitment he made in his first speech as Prime Minister three years ago.

He has gone beyond rhetoric to real measures and shown that he is truly committed to the political transformation that he keeps talking about.

It is the boldest and most controversial step taken by him since he took over from Pak Lah, and the challenge is just about to begin. He will now have to steer the proposals through Parliament and convince skeptics that the reforms are for real.

The changes are not an uncalculated move. While he is responding to the call by civil society, it also has to do with his own political survival as well as that of his ruling coalition.

At the same time, it is one of those ideas whose time has come.

Politically speaking, it is a plus for Najib and the Barisan Nasional. These laws were meant for a different time and they are hard to defend in this modern era, especially among the younger generation whose lives are lived partially in cyberspace where everything is possible. He is bringing our society to more international standards.

He has put his powers of incumbency to good use. With this, he is telling his critics ‘I want reform and I am out to perform’. He is telling his political opponents that you merely make promises but I deliver.

Some have pointed out that it is a no-brainer to do away with such archaic and draconian laws but it takes political will to make that big step. It has also taken quite a bit of fire power out of his political opponents.

The ISA has been a big political thorn for the ruling coalition. It was not something which affected the everyday lives of people but it hung like a Sword of Damocles and it gave the Government a bad name.

The irony here is that it was Najib’s father Tun Razak Hussein, then the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, who had, on behalf of the Cabinet, asked to draft the ISA for post-independent Malaya.

Najib’s situation is the opposite to that of his father. He is no longer dealing with the poor and less educated but with an expanding middle-class and younger people who are not afraid to take their aspirations to the ballot box.

No one wants to live with injustice and unequal development. His administration recognises a certain disconnect with urban middle-class voters and he is attempting to bridge that gap. It is the sort of gradual change that should be welcomed. Gradualism is not as dramatic or sexy as a revolution but it carries more people with it.

It is possible that none of the Pakatan politicians saw it coming. Or rather, they did not want to see it. Abolition of the ISA has always been their baby, so to speak, a cause for them to champion and a promise they believed would help carry them to victory.

Klang MP Charles Santiago of the DAP had an article in a Pakatan-aligned news portal on Thursday predicting that Najib’s speech would be “nothing but hot air.”

The opposition are still scrambling to do damage control, struggling to show that they are not against the reforms without appearing to support the fact that it is coming from Najib.

Actually Pakatan politicians should take this issue to show Malaysians that there is a future for a professional two-coalition system in the country, that not everything that comes from one side has to be automatically opposed by the other side and that both sides can work together on common causes that are good for society. Finding common ground rather than finding fault is a big part of a two-party system.

KITA president Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was one of the few gentlemen on the other side to come out and admit that he had underestimated Najib’s political will and to congratulate him.

“Many people are going to look at him differently after this. It has put the other side on the offensive. It’ll give the PM traction among the fence-sitters,” said Kota Belud MP Datuk Rahman Dahlan.

Rahman is also one of the most tactical politicians on Twitter. He could see how Pakatan politicians were trying to claim credit for Najib’s decisions, to cast doubts on his sincerity and to even disparage what he has done. A PKR leader tweeted that Umno politicians are being two-faced in supporting Najib on this when they had previously endorsed the ISA.

Rahman tweeted back: “BN leaders who now support the ISA’s abolishment – u call hypocrites. Anwar the biggest turncoat ever – u call born again democrat! poodah!”

Meanwhile, all that “election is coming” talk will remain just talk as Najib’s administration will have to put more work into what he has announced before the ground can really move with him.

It is likely that Najib will use the Umno general assembly in December to explain the reforms in a way that the party can relate to. He had used the same platform very effectively last year to assure the Malays of their Constitutional rights and position.

The PM understands fully how much the world has changed. The global political landscape has been altered drastically and the lessons to learn are that if leaders cannot change, the people will change them. There is plenty to learn from the past, including some very recent history too.

The more conservative in Umno are still grappling with the changes, preferring to hold on to something which they are familiar and comfortable with. They are trying hard to understand where Najib is taking Malaysia to.

The younger ones, while looking apprehensively at the lack of changes in Umno, have tried hard to push, worried that the country’s ruling party could be losing its connection with the Twitter and Facebook generation.

And as expected, everyone is trying to claim credit for the changes. The Opposition, still reeling from the shock, has said these would not have happened without their pressure and protests.

Then there are the usual cynics.

I think the point is this: It does not matter who is right, but what is right. It does not matter who did it, so long as the right thing gets done. Malaysians cannot be partisan on issues that affect us all.

Najib deserves credit for having the courage to take the bold steps. His new democracy thrust is certain to continue.

The ISA will be repealed, no doubt about it. An Anti-Terrorism Act – specifically for terrorists and not for political opponents, as in Britain and the United States – is likely to take over.

The Police Act would be redefined and possibly the right to assemble, which could be made clearer by designating places, time and how gatherings should be done.

An independent media council to be run by editors will finally be formed after 54 years of independence, and repealing the law would certainly be on the agenda of journalists. After all, no one needs a permit to start a blog or an online news portal, so why impose a permit for print?

The reforms have left a feel-good feeling but the Prime Minister has to follow up with an equally impactful Budget speech. All these reforms are good but they won’t put food on our tables. Ordinary Malaysians are worried about the rising cost of living and middle income Malaysians are hit the most by monthly tax deductions.

Malaysians want to hear how the Government intends to help them face the economic uncertainties, the spiralling cost of food and how to be confident about the future.

Malaysians are not expecting their Government to adopt a populist approach of promising the sun and the moon, which will bankrupt the nation. They want the Government to be equally responsible in sharing the burden by cutting out excessive financial waste and leaks.

Najib’s challenge would be to balance the budget in the face of a slowing economy and at the same time appease the people ahead of a general election.

The Budget Speech is on Oct 7. Can Malaysians expect the Big Day to be soon after the PM has announced his economic plans for the country?