Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is The Spanker Famous Or Infamous?

The Spanker would hazard a guess that everyone has his 15 minutes of fame. In my case however, I’m not sure if its actually fame or infamy.

You see, my blogging status has suddenly been elevated to such an extent that I am now a proud recipient of an anonymous phone threat. Which I find rather perplexing actually, since I tend to blog and tweet in rather boring and sedate terms compared to the more vociferous voluminous and vituperative bloggers and twitter-es out there.

I like to think that I’m also fair, whacking both BN/UMNO and PKR/Pakatan when they fcuk up respectively. Apparently Mr Anonymous Caller doesn’t think so.    

Normally I would not pick up calls from “private number”, but lately my sister is in the UK, and her calls register as “private number”. So I nonchalantly picked up when my phone rang yesterday. The conversation went thus:

Caller: “Are you Dave Avran?”
Me    : “Yes”
Caller: “I let you know ah, if you don’t stop blogging and tweeting about Ambiga and Bersih, you will very soon have an accident.” *hangs up.
Me    : WTF???   

So like the good Spanker that I am, I duly consulted my Sifu and took his advice to lodge a Police report.

I must say, I was impressed with the way the Police handled my report. Kons Md Harris was courteous and efficient when he took down my report, taking pains to get the facts right. 

Insp Nasrul was also very efficient when he questioned me about the call, seeming to know his way around a smart phone when he gently checked my Samsung Galaxy Tab for details of the caller. He asked my permission to draw my incoming call details from my service provider, which I gladly gave.

So there you go. A chore I was dreading to do turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I now have two new friends in the Police force, complete with their hand phone numbers. Guess every cloud has a silver lining, so thank you, Mr Anonymous Caller.

By the way, I intend to continue blogging and tweeting about Dumbiga and Bersih. Or any other damn subject I fancy.  


Freddie Kevin said...

Bro Dave,

Keep the faith.

In the police and what you do.

I am no detective but who else has got your h/phone number?

Which means..

I am appaled this has happened to you of all persons.

God bless and keep you safe.

Best regards

Dave Avran said...

Thank you for your support, bro Kevin.
You are always there, whether good or bad :-)

Its time we sank a few beers and yadda yadda...

Tony Yew said...

What can I say? Welcome to the 'club'??

A Voice said...

Don't you ever succumb to such threat, Dave.

Those dyas BN were accused as trying to suppress bloggers.

Looks like Pakatan Rakyat are no different.

Their leaders resort to lawsuit and try to squel bloggers criticism by lawsuits.

eddy said...

The fact that "they" know your hp no. speaks volumes. You are now famous, you must also be careful.

Take Care Bro.

Garrett said...

Don't let these scums stop you from writing the truth. No matter what the detractors say, our police force is quite efficient.

Take care and be careful.

Bedul said...

Rocky brought me here. You know how rabid people can be. Please take care.

Anonymous said...

The Spanker he be spankin' that's what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Good on you. Keep on writing.
Alice G

Anonymous said...

Dei Monkey what do you expect?
You diss people its alright.
People diss you sikik sikit you
run to the polis ar?
Cheh poorah! Myaire!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Siapa makan cili
bontotnya mesti panas..

Backside Spanker

Dave Avran said...

Isn't social media awesome? In the last 2 hours I've received blog comments, tweets, phone calls, texts, fb messages,gtalk messages, emails, LinkedIn messages and whatsapp messages all encouraging me to keep blogging and expressing support.

Err...except for the 2 brickbats hehehe :-)

Thanks, y'all :-)

Siew Eng said...

Hi Dave,

Don't let these "haters" stop you from pressing on issues you feel strongly about...afterall, Malaysia is still our country. We still claim a right to be a Malaysian regardless being a Malay, Chinese, Indian or others.

AnnoyinglyAnonymous-LemanPulut said...



I blog about Poetry with a pheromonal fire,
Then I blog about Anwar and that coffee-boy for hire,
And at the end of it all nary do I acquire
Half as much visitors as yours though less not I perspire
At last in these pages have I been shown how to really acquire
Very many visitors and boost the rankings higher
Why, criticise the Opps and shoot down their spin-dryer
And then wait for the assassins and the PKR guns-for-hire

Leman Pulut

Anonymous said...

Be careful bro. These samsengs in pakatan know no bounds

Anonymous said...

dave, i think the person called you not because of ambiga or bersih particularly, but more because you insulted the emperor of malaysian politicians. you know who.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave

I'm sure you're all right and always will. Take care!

Hamdan (Tune)