Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Unlucky Stripes and Zombie Minds?

As a proud Malaysian, the Spanker is totally disgusted with Pakatan Rakyat's lack of tact and respect for the nation and what independence stands for. Pakatan should be proud of Malaysia and the values that the national flag upholds. When Malaysian Olympian Dato’ Lee Chong Wei won the silver medal for badminton, the country’s flag was raised high and proud.

In every country, including fully developed democracies, it is an accepted fact that the national flag should never be dishonored, even more so by its lawmakers.

The Jalur Gemilang is recognized by the United Nations and the International Olympic Council as a symbol of Malaysia’s nationhood. Pakatan, in disdaining our beloved Malaysian flag also disrespects our nationhood and sovereignty. Sport unites a nation and should always be above politics.

Kota Alam Shah's DAP imbecile M. Manoharan has rightly come under fire from 28 million Malaysians for making disparaging comments about Datuk Lee Chong Wei's defeat to China's Lin Dan in the Olympic badminton men's singles final. The Spanker tweeted him directly and told him to go buy a brain. The imbecile didn’t reply.

Last year, this very same DAP imbecile stirred up a similar controversy when he suggested modifying the Jalur Gemilang because its design did not reflect Malaysia to his zombie mind. He claimed the Jalur
Gemilang resembled the national flag of the United States of America.

This imbecile had proudly claimed that he had distributed DAP flags to his constituents instead of the Jalur Gemilang. To top it off, he then claimed that Pakatan would redesign our national flag once they take over federal government.

In a move to carry out damage control, the DAP suspended his membership for six months but promptly lifted the punishment after a month.

Dear imbecile, THIS is how Malaysians feel about Dato Lee Chong Wei:
Let the Spanker reminded Malaysians that it was not the first time Pakatan has insulted the national flag.

Former Perak Mentri Besar, Bukit Gantang MP and Panjang state rep Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin's “Jalur malang” tweet insults the national flag is akin to treason. It reflects very badly indeed on this PAS national leader’s maturity level.

Nizar had tweeted: “Janji ditepati malang prayaan kemerdekaan tahun ini di buat oleh kabinet BN, luntur semangat nak kibarkan jalur gemilang, jalur malang! (Promises fulfilled' - unfortunate that Merdeka celebration this year is organized by BN Cabinet, no mood to wave Jalur Gemilang, unlucky stripes!”).

This is the same Nizar whose earlier tweet on the Johor royal family’s bid on the WWW 1 license plate induced a barrage of Police reports, an investigation and may just about wreck his chances in the next general election.
Then you have DAP Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago who not only disrespecfully flew our Malaysian flag upside down and also tattered at his Pandaraman service center. 

If there was an Olympic medal for being a political imbecile, one of the three Pakatan imbeciles above would win hands down.

It is really unfortunate for the national flag to be used as a tool for political mileage by politicians that are bankrupt of useful issues that matter to the rakyat. Instead of showing contempt and disrespect for the nation’s flag, the Spanker strongly urges Pakatan to put aside their political agenda, wake up and smell the teh tarik.

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