Friday, December 21, 2012

PSY's 'Gangnam Style' Video Hits 1 Billion Views

Based on an original article by William Gruger, New York, Billboard magazine.
PSYs "Gangnam Style" has just become the first video in the history of the Internet to reach and surpass one billion views. On Dec. 21st, Psy's mega-hit reached this unprecedented milestone just 27 days after surpassing Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most watched video on YouTube.

In the days after its breaking of the 803 million YouTube views record, "Gangnam Style" continued to have over 6.5 million views per day - that's 76.4 view per second.

PSY's 'Gangnam Style' Becomes Most-Watched YouTube Video in History

In comparison to the second most popular video on the Internet, "Baby" likely won't cross the 1 billion view mark until late 2014, according to projections provided by Next Big Sound. Its decelerating view count currently hovers just above 300,000 per day, or only 3 views per second - a rate that is likely to continue to shrink.

Psy has gone on to become the platform's "top trending YouTube video in 2012."
Gangnam Style" spent 5 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, reaching the No. 1 spot before even debuting on the Hot 100. The track is now in its 15th week on the U.S.-based Hot 100, with 7 weeks spent in the No. 2 position, held from reaching the throne by Maroon 5's "One More Night"

For a time Gangnam Style was the most listened to song on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Rdio and Mog, holding the No. 1 spot on the On-Demand Songs chart for 5 weeks.

As YouTube has become as the number one place teens go to listen to new music, according to a Nielsen study, the platform has emerged as a revenue generator for many artists. What exactly does 1 billion views look like from an earnings standpoint? Using conservative estimates across several verticals, we can create a breakdown of "Gangnam Style" approximate earnings.

At a reported rate of $2 for every 1,000 views, Gangnam generates $2,000,000 from YouTube alone. Factoring in 3.07 million $1.29 digital single downloads of "Gangnam Style" (according to Nielsen Soundscan), Psy brings in an estimated additional $3,960,000 from digital downloads and $50,000 in additional revenues generated from On-Demand streaming services such as Spotify, Rdio and Mog.

Excluding additional revenues puts "Gangnam Style" an estimated $6.01 million in revenues from this recorded piece of music in just the 5 months the single has been out.

Undoubtedly, the greatest contributing factor to "Gangnam Style's" success were the fans who created covers and shared the songs with friends, helping the video to go viral.

But the song also gained a lift from the exposure it received on radio and television. It garnered 519 million in cumulative audience, according to Nielsen BDS, over its 12-weeks-and-counting run on Hot 100 airplay. It peaked at No. 12 on the ranking the week of Oct. 27.

"Gangnam Style's" popularity afforded Psy a litany of opportunities to appear on television, both in the US and abroad. The appearances are as follows:

    MTV Video Music Awards
    ABC News
    Ellen DeGeneres (with Britney Spears)
    NBC Today Show (where he performed twice on the episode, first artist to ever do this)
    Saturday Night Live
    Ellen DeGeneres (twice)
    Chelsea Lately
    Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    The View
    American Music Awards
    Sunrise (Australia)
    The X Factor Australia
    MTV EMAs
    Performance at Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks halftime

This is just his in-person appearances - his music or video has also been featured on GLEE, Bill O'Reilly, CNN, etc; but not his actual self appearing.

So who says there’s no money to be made over social media?

Merry Christmas Y'all

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But I *hic* still remembered to *hic* wish you a Crishmash Merry.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chump-ions of stateless Indians

The Spanker finds it strange that as each General Election approaches, there is a sudden surge of care and concern for our underprivileged Indian brethren. The very same politicians who claim to hate race politics suddenly become champions of Indian rights overnight. Most of the politicians present in the stateless Indian protest organized by PKR at Putrajaya on 12/12/12 never gave a rat’s ass for Indians all their lives but have now suddenly transformed into defenders of the Indian community.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Important Announcement on 12-12-12

Today, 13 Dec 2012, one day after the predicted Mayan end-of-the-world calendar, Malaysian scientists have announced that there is no cause for alarm. They have assured us that there will be no Mayan apocalypse or “Mayageddon” as it is more affectionately known on December 21 resulting in the end of the world.

Spokesman for the Malaysian scientific community Datuk Seri Rashid Yatim said:

”Salam 1 Malaysia. We can now safely announce the reason for sending the Malaysian astronaut into space aboard the Soyuz TMA-11 in October, 2007. He was secretly studying and analyzing the Mayan calendar.”

"Malaysian astronomers and archaeologists have exhaustively studied the legend of Rikitivitavi, the two-headed Mayan deity who is the overlord of two-headed Mayan deities, and we have now unanimously concluded that there is a major flaw in the Mayan calendar,” he said.  

“We all know that 2012 is a leap year and the Mayan calendar does not account for this. After the correction is accounted for, we can now assure the world that it will not come to an end yesterday on December 12, 2012.”

He went on to say “For the record, Malaysian astronomers and archaeologists had also predicted that the world would not end on January 1, 2000 when it was commonly believed to be destroyed by Y2K”

A Mayan spokesman could not be reached for comment.

© Dave Avran

For those folks who have difficulty in differentiating between truth and satire, this is satire. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

More Shenanigans - Deepak & Musa

Deepak Jaikishan quite obviously chose to make his stunning revelations to coincide with the UMNO General Assembly. Deepak now says that the PM’s family engineered PI Bala’s second SD to save Najib’s skin.

About the same time ex-IGP, Musa Hassan, stated that amongst others, Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, habitually and unlawfully interfered with police investigations, and Musa is now engaged in guerilla warfare with both his predecessor Ramli Yussuf and successor Ismail Omar.

In both cases, allegations and counter allegations are flying forwards and backwards thick and fast.

Coincidence? Are you frigging kidding me? In Malaysian politics?

Who stands to benefit from this latest bout of election spin and stupidity? Who is powerful enough to offer Jaikishan a magic carpet ride to safety after accusing the Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife?

Who is powerful enough to promise Musa Hassan a bullet proof vest after instigating him to take on Hishamuddin, Ramli and Ismail all at one go?

The Spanker will leave the guessing of this mysterious and powerful man’s identity to the reader. One thing is for sure though – we the rakyat who are caught in the crossfire are the losers as collateral damage in this dangerous game.  

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pre - Election Shenanigans

It looks like the Spanker is not the only monkey around that indulges in monkey business and shenanigans. With the GE13 looming large, politicians on both sides of the divide have gone into circus overdrive.

Take for example, Parti Keadilan Rakyat. They shouted about the general elections in Malaysia, alleging that they are dirty and unfair, but their own party elections in 2010 are rigged and caused so much uproar that caused party stalwarts like Zaid Ibrahim and few others to leave the party in bitter disappointment.

PAS in their general assembly a couple of weeks ago prayed for Umno’s destruction. Umno members are Muslims too but PAS had no qualms in telling the world that all Umno members are apostates and are no longer Muslims. PAS who claimed to be more islamic than even the arabs had the audacity to play God and banish Umno by invoking God’s name. All this in the name of power. Shouldn’t we be praying that Malaysians will remain united, safe and strong?

Another classic case of political spin gone awry is the Scorpene case involving Suaram. After much brouhaha created by Suaram where they told the media that a trial on the case was underway, and that PM Najib will be subpoenaed to appear in the trial, a French official claims that there is no trial taking place. Suaram has unnecessarily opened itself up to questions on its dignity and credibility.

And now it is revealed that the President of the Bar Council, Lim Chee Wee was reluctant to accept observers to the Bar Council elections 2013/2014.

Lim Chee Wee, a main advocate of Bersih and the clarion call for free and fair elections in Malaysia, is actually imposing double standards to his own organization. How do you reconcile your public pursuit of Bersih with your own personal agenda within your own council? It doesn’t jive at all. I see no point of Bersih to harangue and call for foreign observers for GE13 when they themselves do not want to call observers to their own little election.

The letter below (which is making its rounds on facebook) and the comment from a member of the Malaysian Bar (Mohd Khairul Azam) is self explanatory.

“Saya adalah calon pemilihan Bar Council. Saya telah menulis surat bertanya kepada BC, “bolehkah saya memantau proses kiraan undi nanti?”. Tau apa jawapan Bar Council???? “…due to logistical and security concerns, the counting process is not open to observers”….. Dan pada masa yang sama, Presiden Malaysian Bar menyokong BERSIH menuntut ketelusan SPR dalam PRU????”

you know the drill - if you're over 35, click to enlarge lah