Sunday, January 6, 2013

How To Ubah Rocket Style

It's always been the modus operandi of the opposition to discredit the Gomen by running down the Election Commission and the electoral process. Anwar and Dumbiga have traveled the world to tell everyone how unclean Malaysia's national elections are, and to issue heartfelt appeals for international supervision during our local undi.

So the incredulous fcukup at the DAP's CEC polls, which conveniently and rather mysteriously saw the "election" of a single solitary celup “Malay”, puts paid to the DAP’s clarion call to be transparenter, better, faster, holier and more bionic than everyone else. Shame on them!

Of course their die- hard fans will triumphantly trumpet the fact that they owned up and that Election Director Pooi resigned as a sign that DAP is a responsible and accountable party.

However for the rest of us who actually use the faculty of reasoning that just doesn’t cut it unless they admit they are inept at organizing their own elections.

Not many believe it was an honest spreadsheet mistake. Microsoft should sue DAP for claiming that its Excel program cannot even do a simple tally of 1800 lines when it has 65,536 lines in its spreadsheet.

Unless of course the DAP office is using a pirated version of Microsoft Office…

The DAP can claim that it was an honest, transparent or plain stupid mistake, it really doesn't matter as long as people remember and the DAP leaders realize that they can't claim to even know what a "bersih" electoral process is.

Quite obviously the fact that the DAP's recent election rejected outright all 8 Malay candidates for the highest committee had hurt the party's image big time. Despite the claim by Zairil Khir Johari that it was "no big deal", the absence of an elected Malay rep in DAP's highest committee is a mighty blow to the party's multiracial claim.

Zairil, incidentally, is the single solitary celup “Malay” who benefited from the botched polls as he's now officially, the 20th and last positioned "elected" member of the CEC, a jump from his actual 39th spot at the original polls.  

Isn’t it also strange that there are no Sarawakian or Sabahan pribumi in the CEC as well? Downright strange for a party that claims to be fighting for their rights and who claim to have cornered the support of the Christian Iban, Bidayuh, Kadazan, Murut, Melanaus, Kayan, Kenyah brethren from East Malaysia. They speak so much about the orang Asli and spend so much to woo Sabah and Sarawak but no Bumiputeras from either state in their CEC. I suppose the DAP is only interested in the Chinese votes in the towns and cities of Sabah and Sarawak.

In Malaysia, for party elections, it is Registrar of Societies that has authority to act if something is not right. So since there was an error in the counting or whatever excuse it is that they claim, then the selection of the CEC office bearers should be rightfully declared null and void because a non winner participated in the decision making process.

The DAP really have a sweet deal. They can alter their own election results and put their son, father or former driver (yes, that would be the ex Election Director Pooi) in or boot them out. Then blame the world’s best selling software and persuade some useless minion to quit, and sit back to claim praise for themselves for being honest and transparent and accountable.

You know what’s scary? Some folks actually buy these fairy tales. Over and over again.


Anonymous said...

They would cast this spell, "NFC, PKFZ, Deepak, NFX, PKFZ, Deepak" and clap.
And then the fairies would make anything in Pakatan Rakyat clean and good again.

paktam said...

In America they say that those who count are more powerful than the voters themself. Is this the reaaon why EC are demonised? If interested party/parties controls EC three will be regime change like Indonesia and Thailand.

Anonymous said...

I've read many comments from blogs, the mainstream media, etc. about this DAP's election vote-count fiasco. Most of the comments said about the same things that you wrote.

But you were the only one who suggested that Microsoft should sue DAP for blaming Excel for the vote-count screw up. Hahahahaha!