Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Great Videos for CNY 2013

The Spanker totally loves the PETRONAS old folks advert. So Malaysian lah! Very realistic setting with a very strong message. Would be good if this Hokkien video could be translated into BM and Tamil languages.

The Petronas “Tau Fu fah” ad is also a heart string puller. Again, great job.

Bernas "Ka Fan" video

No matter how big or small our families are, it is important to share quality time and make priceless memories with them. This Chinese New Year, let's try to remember that it's not so much about the feast, but more about the precious time we spend together with our families.

DAP’s Teresa Kok has also commissioned some brilliant CNY adverts ala those let loose in the run up to the American Presidential elections. If only more politicians from both sides produced more material like this instead of the gutter politics we see now.

Teresa’s 2 Chinese New Year video clips for 2013 cheekily come with the word play message to urge people to dare to try new options. In Mandarin, the word "snake" and "try" has more or less the same pronunciation.

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