Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Psy War In Penang

The Spanker is in Ipoh for the CNY hols and was contemplating driving up to Penang to catch Psy's performance but decided to avoid the insane traffic jams there.

The next day social media was abuzz with the PM's apparent fail in getting a "Yes" response from the crowd when he asked if they were ready for BN.
In case you've been on Pluto the last few days, you can view that video here.

Considering that the MCA organized that particular event, here's them yelling a resounding "Yes" to the PM's query.

The Spanker says: Just bring on PRU13 already. There's no need for any more silliness from both sides. The erection will prove once and for all who has the bigger hard-on.

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Anonymous said...

Re your last para: ask Rainbowlah for some confirmation. Any help?

Anonymous said...

With tons of money paid by Najib on Cybertroopers and the other public handouts Nothing CAN BEAT NAJIB PM BEING MADE A DONKEY ON STAGE BY MCA!!!