Sunday, March 17, 2013

Malaysians Reactions To Lahat Datu, Part 1 - Negative

Everybody is a political analyst in Malaysia today.

Those who have trouble maneuvering their kancils in and out of a parking slot in an empty parking lot are adamant that the tactical strategies they suggested are far superior to that chosen by our armed forces. The icing on the cake is that some of these master tacticians probably can't even put their finger on Lahad Datu on a map of that region of Sabah.

Then there is the crass and tasteless posturing for political mileage. Listening to these kopitiam intellectuals is always amusing but only in small doses. Beyond a few minutes, you brain automatically starts tuning out.

If only we could send these outstanding specimens to the front line with guns in their hands…

Either way, there’s no denying that Malaysians have been galvanized by what is happening in Lahad Datu and what it means to the country’s national security. They are angry that there are people out there who have attempted to ridicule the gravity of the situation.

For instance, Wong Chin Huat, a leading figure in the Bersih group and now working for a Penang government think-tank, had in the early weeks of the crisis tweeted that the Sulu intruders were here for Chinese New Year, they would be getting ang pows, they decided to stay for Chap Goh Meh, they enjoyed it so much they extended their stay. While he probably meant it as a joke, it didn’t sound very funny when people, especially our security personnel, began dying.

PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang, 50, better known as Tian Chua is facing sedition charges after dozens of police reports were lodged over his alleged remarks ironically in his own coalition’s mouthpiece Keadilan Daily that the Sabah intrusion was a political conspiracy.

Chua’s four alleged statements are:

1. The shooting in Lahad Datu is believed to be a planned conspiracy of the Umno government to divert attention and intimidate the people.

2. The incident has raised many questions and doubts as to the drama staged by the Umno government.

3. Described the intrusion in Lahad Datu as only a drama of the government to intimidate the people to make it seem that Sabah is not peaceful. The intrusion in Lahad Datu was only a drama of the government to intimidate the people to make it seem that Sabah is not peaceful.

4. There is a conspiracy by the Umno government to divert the attention of the Sabah people, particularly from the issue of giving identity cards to foreigners.

In his defense, Chua claims that he was misquoted. Judge Mohamad Sekeri Mamat allowed Tian Chua bail of RM5,000 in one surety and set April 12 for mention of the case.

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