Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tweet in mouth politicians 6 – Tian Chua

In times of crisis, where armed foreign groups have intruded into Malaysia’s territory, the defense of our territory is a fundamental consideration where each and every Malaysian must stand united.

Our security forces must be defended because they are risking their lives. The nation's fighters should be acclaimed, not humiliated and exploited. We surely should not be playing politics on the question of national security.

It is just plain wrong to make statements for the sake of politicizing when our commandos are attacked and killed in active duty in defense of the country. That alone makes one questions the patriotism of people who can’t differentiate between street style gutter politics and the defense of territorial integrity.

Tian Chua claimed in “Fighting broke out with Sulu intruders?” that it is “Just a continuous ‘wag the dog’ drama”. He also mentions in the same tweet that the Sauk incident twelve and a half years ago was just another ‘drama’, “Remember Al Maunah in Sauk?”.

Both of these statements are grossly unpatriotic, which demonstrate that he is ready to commit treachery to further his politics of hatred strategy.

Tian Chua had reportedly told the KeadilanDaily online portal on March 1 that the shooting in Lahad Datu was believed to be a "planned conspiracy of the Umno government" to divert attention and intimidate the people.

For the sake of clarification, the Sauk Incident saw a Policeman and an Army Commando killed brutally, in the name of His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Federal Constitution.

The criminals were arrested and charged for waging war against the Agong, which amounts to treachery. They were tried in a criminal court. Three of these criminals were convicted to death and after all avenues to reverse the sentence were exhausted, they were hanged. Six others were sentenced to life imprisonment. After an appeal, their sentences were reduced to 10 years jail.

Another example is the Memali incident, where the opposition put the blame on the government. It is irresponsible and insensitive for a politician to exploit the country's security to further his own agenda as human lives are involved.

In the Memali incident of Nov 19, 1985, eighteen people were killed, many injured and hundreds arrested by the police during an attempt to arrest a religious scholar, Ibrahim Mahmud or better known as Ibrahim Libya, in Kampung Memali in Kedah.

Then we have Mat Sabu who is being charged for his seditious statement that Mat Indera and the 180 communist rebels who attacked Bukit Kepong Police Station and massacred 22 Policemen and Auxiliary Policemen and four family members on 23 February 1950 “Are the real heroes and freedom fighters” and the Police are “British tools”.

Former DAP-puppet-MB of Perak and tweet diarrhea expert Nizar Jamaluddin has perpetuated lies about PM Najib asking the Armed Forces Chiefs to stage a coup d’etat if BN loses the 13th GE.

Let’s not even go back to my posts on “tweet in mouth politicians 1 – 5” featuring M Manoharan, Lim senior and junior, Ngeh Koo Ham and their ilk. Let’s just end by saying that Anwar should wag Tian Chua’s backside to “drive” some sense “into” him.

The Spanker says:
Alfatihah to the souls of the departed slain patriots of our country. I am saddened reading about the loss of lives. May God protect all of us and our country.

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