Monday, May 6, 2013

Post Election Hate Mongers

It saddens The Spanker to see the amount of hate being spread by both BN and PR factions on social media based solely on “perception” and “hearsay”.

Currently we don't know whether there really was a power failure during the ballot counting process.

Currently there is no solid evidence of any additional ballot boxes being smuggled in.

Currently there is no hard evidence of phantom voters, vote buying, inaccurate electoral roll, scare tactics, or fake postal votes.

Despite the numerous rumors flying around social media sites inciting hatred, there is no solid evidence no matter how "obvious" it may seem.

As usual, we've garnered international interest with our antics. If only we could dedicate this much energy to the cleaning up process. Malaysians must rationalize before sharing or claiming unfounded rumors. Things like changing our facebook display pictures to black or wearing black to symbolize the death of democracy is not really helping anyone.

I'm not asking you to be silent. If you want to show your support then by all means do send positive and encouraging messages through sms, twitter and facebook. Let's not get too emotional online. If your party lost, you've mourned, you've raged, but now is the time for us to be smart and heal the nation. By all means keep the fire burning for whichever party you stand for.

Thank you Malaysia for coming out to vote. A turnout of more than 80% is something truly remarkable. In the US and many European countries, they would be happy to get a 50% turnout.

Most importantly please do not be racist, no matter who is insulting you, be the bigger person. Always be polite.

Here’s an analysis by Monyet King:

Pakatan did well to win 89 Parliament seats and 230 state seats. Although PR lost Kedah, it significantly improved the number of seats won at the state level. Of course, DAP (38) is the biggest winner (with increased majorities in many seats). Well done. Contrary to many people’s (including me) belief, PKR did well too. 30 seats is not bad at all. PAS only won 21 and a number of senior people (including Mat Sabu and Harun Din) lost. 89 Parliament seats and 230 state seats is indeed a handsome win.

3. BN did not do too bad. Although it won less seats, it regained Kedah and retained Perak. [But BN lost the popular votes for the first time since 1969. This is what happens when you lose urban seats and rely on rural seats].

4. Yes, the Chinese overwhelmingly voted against BN. But then, BN should also remember that in 1999, it was saved by the non-Malay votes.

5. Not surprisingly, MCA and Gerakan lost badly. Why don’t you two guys merge and re-strategize for GE14? Better still, merge with MIC and PPP.

6. Big boys from BN fell. Ghani Othman, Ali Rustam, Raja Nong Chik, Saifuddin Abdullah, Kong Cho Ha, Donald Lim, Chor Chee Hung, Kayveas and Bernard Dompok. The bigger you are, the more it hurts when you fall. Butthurt. [Why the heck did BN put Kayveas up again?]

7. Kelantan remains green. Despite all the overtures by Najib, the Kelantanese have politely said, thanks but no thanks. Interesting point to note : Datuk Mustafa Mohamad, who was supposed to the Kelantan MB if BN had won, won his state seat by a wafer thin margin of 47 votes.

8. BN regained Kedah. PAS did a poor job of governing the state and deserved to lose it.

9. Although BN won the state, Perak remains a swing state. 31 vs 28 and many seats were won with small majorities. Zambri (if he is still MB) has a tough road ahead. BTW, I like Zambri.

10. I am pleased that Dr Jeyakumar won in Sg. Siput. He is a good man. Perhaps PR should allow him to stand using PSM logo in GE14. I am also pleased that Kamalanathan won in Hulu Selangor – for he is a hardworking man. I am pleased that Khairy won big – he will be good for BN’s transformation.

11. I am relieved that Wong Tak lost in Bentong – he is too destructive for his own good.

12. Saifudin Abdullah lost in Temerloh. Many Pakatan supporters are saying “such a pity that Saifuddin lost, he is a good man”. Of course he lost – you campaigned against him and his party. Did any of you go tell PAS not to campaign against Saifuddin?

13. The city folks are grumbling. Why did Saifuddin Abdullah have to lose and why did Bung Mokhtar have to win? Very simple lah. The voters in their respective constituencies decided so. The voters in Temerloh and Kinabatangan don’t give a shit what people in Bangsar think. Saifuddin may be a darling among the well-heeled in KL (I like him too) but it is obvious that a lot of people in Temerloh don’t share that view. Similarly KL-lites may think Bung Mokhtar is a nitwit but as far as voters in Kinabatangan are concerned, he is their hero (and who are we to say that the voters are wrong).

14. In Sabah, local parties SAPP and STAR got wiped out. Yong Teck Lee lost badly in Likas. STAR, through Jeffrey Kitingan, won just one seat and that too narrowly. All the pre-election rhetoric about voting in local parties came to nought. Of course SAPP stood in mostly Chinese majority seats and stood little chance against DAP. The multi-cornered fights obviously laid rest to any chance of SAPP and STAR winning. The phrase INI KALILAH started in Sabah but it wasn’t to be [The loudest person on my FB was a person from STAR – I guess he will be quiet for a while].

15. Masidi Manjun (BN), as expected, won in Karanaan. … yay. It was also great to know that Mujahid Yusof (PAS) won in Parit Buntar. These are all intelligent people.

16. Sarawak remains a blue fortress. Although DAP won 5 and PKR won 1, most of the Bumiputera majority seats stayed with BN. Baru Bian, PKR’s poster boy, lost badly in Limbang.

17. I was hoping for Dr Nasir (PSM) to win in Kota Damansara. It wasn’t to be. PAS screwed him. The only saving grace is Dr Halimaton will be a welcome addition to the female representation in the state assembly.

18. Zul Nordin and Ibrahim Ali lost. Will Perkasa keep quiet after this?

19. Not much improvement in the number of women voted into Parliament. I think the number is the same or an increase of just 1 seat. Apa dah… I hope more women get appointed to the new Cabinet.


Anonymous said...

For PERAK state votes : PR 625,710 (54.9%), BN 508,747 (44.49%). PR menang undi majoriti Lebih 100,000 undi tapi BN bentuk kerajaan Negeri...

~ Anak Slim River

Anonymous said...

Dr jeyakumar is sincere in wanting to help his constituents.It will do him and BN some good if he is invited to join BN and become a really effective MP for the people of Sg Siput.That will be good as I am sure all the allocations will be spent for the benefit of the people only through this man.People first Dr Jeya.

Anonymous said...

Eg for anon 5.07. There 10 seats and 9 seats party A won by majority of one and the tenth seat party B won by majority of 1000. Overall party B will have 991 more votes than party A but party A still have 9 seats vs 1 saet by party B. The point is in our system total vote is Irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

The possibility most Chinese voters came early for polling station it's because DAP PKR PAS ask them to vote for them to change government and other Chinese support BN came to avoid raining in the evening. Seems they DAP PKR PAS going to have a riot sooner this week after GE 13. They are not satisfied with the seats they got.