Sunday, June 30, 2013

Do Criminals and Druggies Have More Rights Than Normal Citizens?

"Police are stepping up efforts to fight the drugs scourge – this time by relooking their internal policy like doing away with its performance key index (KPI) when dealing with drug abusers"

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The Spanker Says:
Part of the reason for the current crime spree is meth addiction, but wait for it....some bleeding heart hotshot lawyers will be fighting for drug addicts' rights very soon.

It looks like in Malaysia citizen's rights take a back seat to criminals rights and druggies rights.


IT.Sheiss said...

Decriminalisation for users whilst going after the big fish wouldn't be a bad thing, instead of ineffectively fulfilling KPIs by number of users arrested.

Malaysia has become too KPI-oriented and I understand that it has resulted in lecturers in universities being more interested in fulfilling their KPis measured by number of papers published, rather than students taught well.

KPI leads to quantity rather than quality.

I guess KPI came out from the masters of nothing better (MBA) culture and the morons here are slavishly following it.

Anonymous said...

Well, if their crime business is profitable, naturally they would be able to hire more and better lawyers and easily pay bail.

So the truth is well informed people with more money can exercise their rights better.