Sunday, August 25, 2013

Genting Bus Crash Driver Had 16 Traffic Summonses

Lim Kok Hoe, the driver of the bus that plunged into a ravine in Genting Highlands, had 16 traffic police summonses issued against him.

Except for one which was issued for traffic obstruction, all of them were issued for speeding.

The summonses, which appeared on online government information website MyEG, showed the traffic offences were committed from March 2001 to April 2004.

Five of the summonses were issued in Johor Baru, two in Johor Baru Utara, six in Batu Pahat, one in Kajang, and two in Jasin.

The offences were also tied to two different license number plates. All of the offences in 2001, including the single traffic obstruction, had been issued to a Penang-registered number.

The rest were issued from late August 2003 to March 2004 to a Johor-based number plate.

All of the offenses listed did not appear to have been settled.

A quick check on the Road Transport Department (JPJ) website also revealed that Lim was not blacklisted on police or JPJ records.

However, the JPJ website showed that the Penang-based number plate was currently blacklisted under police records.

In a phone call, Lim’s son Dei Sen said that it was normal for motorists to be issued with summonses without their knowledge.

He was not clear, however, on the circumstances surrounding his father’s traffic offences.

Separately, a colleague of Lim has come to his defence, saying that claims made by some passengers about Lim’s behaviour “didn’t make sense”.

“I know him. He is a good driver who is always happy and nice to people.

“Reading what people said about the accident is very hurtful to us.

“We were careful but it still happened. Please don’t say anything until the police come out with the report,” said the visibly upset mechanic when met at the Genting Highlands Transport Sdn Bhd bus depot in Kuala Lumpur.

On Wednesday, the bus which was carrying 53 passengers downhill plunged 60m into a ravine at Km3.5 of the Genting Highlands-Genting Sempah road, killing 37 (including Lim) and injuring 16 others.

Since the crash, numerous non-official accounts about the condition of the vehicle and its driver had surfaced.

Some crash survivors claimed Lim was “unstable” and gestured angrily at motorists while he was speeding that day, while others said he refused to let passengers out despite conceding that the brakes were faulty.

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