Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More tweet-in-mouth disease

While the nation mourned, former Perkasa vice-president Zul Noordin tweeted that Karpal Singh’s death would allow hudud law to be implemented in Kelantan.

In a series of posting on Twitter, Zulkilfli Noordin said while the Kelantan government was struggling to implement hudud in the state with Umno’ help, God had taken away Karpal, who was Islamic law’s main critic.

“Hopefully, the move to implement hudud in Kelantan is successful. God willing, with Umno-PAS unity and Karpal’s demise, I believe the things are made easier now.” said the former PKR MP.

However, Zulkifli’s tweets received public backlash, including from Youth and Sport Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

“@zulkiflinoordin Shut up. Really, shut up,” said Khairy.

Kuala Lumpur Bar chairman HR Dipendra described Zulkifli as coward for criticising a man who had just died.

“Zul Noordin shows his true nature: He is a coward and only cowards attack a dead man,” said Dipendra.

Human rights lawyer Syahredzan Johan said it was time for people to name and shame such people for their rude remarks.

“More so when they are politicians. We must remember what they said, and hold it against them when they seek office again,” said Syahredzan, via Twitter.

Karpal was known to be a fierce critic of hudud law being implemented in Malaysia, arguing that nation’s constitution is based on secular laws. He once famously said that hudud would only be implemented “over my dead body”.

Meanwhile, PAS central committee member Dzulkefly Ahmad said Zulkifli’ statement is doing “a great disservice” to Islam.

“It shocked us knowing that Zulkifli has come out with an insensitive remark, it is such as a great disservice to Islam.

“PAS may have a lot of difference with Karpal, but we stand to give him respect, he is a towering figure in the nation he has served,” said the PAS central committee member.

Dzulkefly also criticised the Perak police chief Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani for picking on traffic offences recorded by Karpal’s vehicle right after his passing.

“They should be a bit more sensitive, and be gracious and benevolent to the passing man, because we all know sometimes MPs are caught in a mad rush to serve their constituencies, and unlike the minister, we don’t have an escort team,” he said.

Perak state assembly speaker and former MIC vice-president SK Devamany also denounced Zulkifli over his disparaging remark.

“The remark is uncalled for and an uncivilised one to be made against a great statesman. It goes beyond the spirit of nationalism and Islam,” he said.

However, in later postings, Zulkifli heaped laurels on Karpal, saying he was one of the few who dared to take up cases against the government.

He also said that Karpal was generous in giving legal advise to junior lawyers and commended the veteran lawyer for taking up a lot of cases on a pro bono basis.

“His office serves almost like a welfare office to help the poor. To Karpal,your roar for the poor & your voice against injustice, either in Parliament or in court will be missed by many. Goodbye my friend!

“To my friend Gobind Singh Deo & family, do accept my deepest condolence.I am sure Karpal’s name will be tinted in gold in the history of Malaysia!”

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Anonymous said...

The fucker is a hypocrate. Dulu tuduh nuar peliwat and mesti bertaubat but later sokong pulak. Apa motifnya? Wang atau pangkat. Shame on him......